My name is Christophe Courtin. I am a hypnotherapist specialising in anxiety and stress management, working face-to-face in the Folkestone (Kent, UK) and surrounding area, and also worldwide via online sessions.

Call me now for a quick phone or Zoom consultation with no obligations to assess if and how we can best help and support you. Hypnosis is safe, relaxing and enjoyable, making hypnotherapy an effective tool to help with various long-term conditions and for breaking certain habits. It can help you deal or overcome numerous issues such as anxiety, stress, trauma, phobias, smoking, bad habits and much more.






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  • Sabina Cook
    Sabina Cook
    a month ago

    I contacted Christophe following a recommendation. I also watched a lot of his videos on Facebook first and I really liked how he came across. I wanted to try hypnotherapy to help with anxiety following an RTA and to prepare for an upcoming surgery. I booked his three session package and opted to visit him in person. I wasn’t sure if online hypnotherapy would be as effective but, knowing what I now know about how it works and how Christophe facilitates hypnotherapy, I’m sure online would have been just as good but I’m glad I made the drive. Christophe has a really good understanding of anxiety and mental health in general and is very empathetic. Feeling that he understood exactly what I was experiencing, plus his very personable and fun nature, helped me to feel at ease. And feeling at ease I think it vital to being able to get the most from hypnotherapy sessions. I found the techniques he taught me very useful and I came away from each session feeling incredibly relaxed. I practiced the techniques in the lead up to my surgery, and used them on the day up to the moment I was taken into theatre, and they really helped keep the anxiety at bay. It’s really comforting to know I now have these techniques in my ‘toolbox’ to use in future and I highly recommend anyone considering hypnotherapy to go with Christophe.

  • Emma Mcgarry
    Emma Mcgarry
    2 months ago

    Our 12 year old son suffers with anxiety and is often triggered by over crowded areas and the general stress of the pressure from secondary school. With this his anxiety often leads him feeling sick which is also another fear of his so it sent him into a negative loop. We booked him in for a session with Christophe and the improvements are incredible! It’s been almost a week and our son is happier, has more confidence to give things a go and has found himself in amongst a busy carnival, took part in a school production and has done all of this with no problems. (Usually he would immediately remove himself from situations like this.) Christophe made our son feel at ease the moment he walked in, and gave him a number of techniques to help in situations where he feels himself becoming stressed or anxious. We cannot thank Christophe enough, he is kind, friendly, understanding and holds no judgment. He was also kind enough to check in a few days after our sons session to see how things were progressing. Could not recommend enough!

  • Gail Topping
    Gail Topping
    6 months ago

    I had contacted Christophe after developing such a severe flying fear that I hadn't flown for about 8 years. I was given a great opportunity for a trip and contacted Christophe who said that he could help, likely in 1 session. He was friendly and spent time getting to understand my fears - just the thought of flying made me feel panicky and become tearful. I felt aware and relaxed during hypnosis and wasn't even sure it would work A week after the hypnosis I flew on my own for 2 hours and was fine! I have also flown a few weeks later on my own for 1 hour and was so calm. I feel it's really been life changing. If you wonder whether hypnosis can help you I would recommend that you try Christophe- he is very warm, friendly and hypnosis works- photo from my flight below

  • Natalie Lane
    Natalie Lane
    6 months ago

    So i went with Anxiety, mainly the fear of being on my own in public place with my son incase i pass out and he is left alone, I was so sceptical about Hypnotherapy, I literally got to the end of my tethera with anxiety, my husband had seen Christophe website and booked me in. I thought how am I going to relax and go in to hypnosis when I can't even relax at home. But wow I definitely felt relaxed, I walked in shaking like a leaf. I walked out with the biggest smile on my face. For once in my life someone ( Christophe ) helped me get rid of the weight that was anxiety. Sounds silly but the thought off taking my son to the park on my own scared the life out off me, 1 session and I love taking my son out on my own the fear of passing out no longer cripples me and stops me enjoying time out at the park with my baby. If your thinking about Hypnotherapy just do it honestly. It could literally change your life. I am so thankful to Christophe for taking the time with me and helping me be well me again

  • Denise Ward
    Denise Ward
    10 months ago

    I recently underwent 3 sessions of hypnotherapy with Christophe. My aim was to rebalance my relationship with both food & exercise so that I can lose some weight. I found the whole experience extremely enjoyable & insightful. Christophe was the ultimate professional & quickly put me at ease. I realise that there is no quick fix with weight loss but after only a few weeks I am already experiencing tangible results - my cravings for sweet treats has abated & I am finding it easier to naturally maintain a more active lifestyle on a day to day basis. I have no hesitation in recommending Christophe to others & look forward to achieving my desired weight loss goal as planned by early June 2023. Thanks Christophe!

If you have been diagnosed with or suspect you may have a pre-existing medical condition, please consult your GP for advice before starting any new therapies.

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    • anxiety and stress management
    • phobias
    • stop smoking
    • overeating
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    • Clinical Hypnotherapy Diploma (Advanced School of Clinical Hypnotherapy)
    • Professional Hypnotherapy Diploma (Jacquin Hypnosis Academy)
    • Kinetic Shift Practitioner (UK Hypnosis Academy)
    • Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) Practitioner (UK Hypnosis Academy)
    • Neo-Ericksonian Hypnosis Certification (Mike Mandel Hypnosis Academy)
    • NLP Master Practitioner (Academy of Modern Applied Psychology)
    • Hypnotherapy Supervision Certification (Yorkshire Hypnotherapy Training)

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    • Complementary & Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC): CNHC00108
    • Jacquin Professional Hypnotherapy Association (JPHA): details here
    • UK Hypnosis Academy
    • General Hypnotherapy Register (GHR): 7608 ( Practitioner & Acknowledged Supervisor)

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