I am fully qualified counsellor, timeline therapist, past life regression therapist, NLP master practitioner and hypnotherapist. I am also a Reiki Master healer.

I studied different trauma release techniques and worked with the subconscious mind and with people’s energy for years to help them release blockages and also help them become their best version.




If you have been diagnosed with or suspect you may have a pre-existing medical condition, please consult your GP for advice before starting any new therapies.

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    What I offer:

    1. Timeline intervention therapy
    I specialize in doing a specific kind of hypnosis for healing trauma and past events which is called timeline intervention. It is highly effective and it goes on the timeline of your past to every memory related to the problem or negative feeling you're experiencing and it heals and changes the energy of your timeline, up to the root of the issue.

    Timeline intervention therapy can help you heal:

    Traumatic memories (including childhood trauma)

    Limiting beliefs

    Stuck emotions (anger, grief, sadness, etc)




    2. Past life regression
    I also specialize in past life regression which has helped many people overcome blockages from their current life, learn about themselves and connect to their higher self and the subconscious.

    3. Counselling
    I am also a counsellor and offer counselling sessions to help overcome life problems that you want to explore. Counselling is a form of talking therapy and it's usually long term.

    4. Goal setting
    With the help of NLP and hypnosis, I do goal setting sessions where we place a goal into your future and program your unconscious to help you achieve it.

    5. Conflict resolution
    I do parts work for conflict resolution, a very powerful technique that will dissolve conflicting emotions and energies within yourself in just one session.

    6. Distant Reiki healing sessions of 30 minutes. There are intense sessions, people always tell me that my Reiki healing is very powerful. I also tell the person afterwards the blockages in the body and energy field that I felt during the session.

    Please send me a message to book a session or if you have any enquiries.


    A few testimonials (please visit my website for more) :

    ​"Dear Christina, I'd like to thank you for your guidance and kindness when I was at a very low place in my life. (...) I have come away with hope and a sense of purpose about how to move forward. I'm happy to say my life is in a much better place and with the skills Christina talked me through I've found an inner peace.
    Highly recommend. Thank you :)" - Natalie A.

    "Cristina, you have such special gifts to help those who are ready to find their true selves. I feel as if I am still on this most amazing journey and I want to thank you for being part of it" - Beryl G.

    "Hi Cristina, I want to thank you for the help you offered me, I've finally managed to release the past. The regression really helped me and, a few days later, I met someone I'm very happy with. Thank you and I hope to see you again soon!" - Nicoleta M. (after just one session)

    "Cristina is one of the most powerful healers I've ever met. She's an incredible reiki Master, who's empathetic, compassionate and insightful. She's helped me to continue new chapters of healing and take positive steps in my life through amazing reiki sessions and sound advice.I highly recommend having reiki sessions with Cristina as you'll always be glad you did.
    I still benefit from having top up session's every now and again because it's greatly life changing, and a beautiful cleansing and deeply healing experience. Cristina fills you with positive energy which just feels absolutely out of this world." Laura R.

    "I met Christina several years ago at her Flower of Life seminar and was completely blown away. I learned so much, many of my questions were answered and my energy felt extremely high vibrational afterwards. Since then, I've had several readings with her and recently two hypnosis sessions where we cleared some negative patterns from my timelines.

    I feel comfortable turning to her when faced with challenges and she has always had time to guide and support me. (..) I'm grateful that our paths have crossed in this lifetime and I believe many can benefit from her knowledge and intuitive abilities." - Lina J.

    "Cristina, thanks so much for your help and support with the hypnosis sessions - I really enjoyed and benefited from my time with you. Please feel free to use my testimonial for the work we've done:

    Cristina is a very beautiful, Intuitive, sensitive, humble soul. I saw her for 6 sessions , I was suffering from social anxiety and low moods in general for years. I practice mindfulness daily but these issues would just not go away. To complement the sessions, she also advised me to do some grounding exercises and would always call me back on the phone if I had a question for her.

    My social anxiety has disappeared and I have a different energy now. I would recommend her -she is the real deal- I have already recommended her to 3 of my friends." - Sukhbir S.

    "Cristina, I really want to thank you for the work we've done last summer. I attracted someone into my life who has the potential to be a Twin Flame.

    ​I had the fortune to find Cristina and her Past Life Regression work. We worked on attracting my Twin Flame and on healing my sugar addiction. During the session, I was shown a previous life where I was united with my twin flame and I had the chance to talk to them. They said that in every life I will have the twin flame experience.

    Also I got to a place where I was shown what I had to do to get off the sugar. Cristina is very talented and was able to conduct a very healing and inspiring session. Her work has brought more happiness into my life. Now I am off sugar and I have attracted someone who is a potential twin flame. I recommend her to anyone who is willing to dig into the past to heal their present and create a brighter future." - Alex P.

    "The second visit to see Christina was to be hypnotized in trying to forget my previous relationship as I was dreaming about him and it was too frequently hindering my day to day activities. During the session Christina talked me through a scenario about leaving my past feelings behind and saying goodbye to the relationship. I felt an instant shift after and stopped dreaming about him. " - Natalie A.

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